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Many people in this country (especially the more affluent) seem to want to hold on to the way things have been. Many people in other countries seem eager and more receptive to the changes occurring in the world. Coincidence?

From any other vantage point things can appear idiotic

1.0 Rules

2.0 may be the future…maybe. But right now 1.0 still rules the world. Idealists think 2.0 is coming fast, and have their examples: Google, Apple, and any number of other progressive or otherwise “liked” companies. Most of them still seem predominantly 1.0 to me, and without a doubt the real movers and shakers of the economy and the world are 1.0. Are they moving in a 2.0 direction? Sure, to the extent that they think it benefits them, but it’s all very contrived in a 1.0 paradigm. Real change is going to take a long, long time. Admittedly I am optimistic that those days will come, but it’s nothing I’m going to live to see.


We played this song at SW today because we hit that invoice number (8675309). I don’t think they’ve always been strictly sequential so can’t read too much into that. But the song…

It sounded good over the PA. Really good. Simple. Really simple. But still engaging. Real instruments. Nothing flashy. Very loose background vocals. To think that groups like Def Leppard would layer dozens of backing tracks together just a couple of years later. Though I tend to gravitate toward more produced sounding music it is true that some essence gets lost, or covered up in the process. There is a beauty in a raw, uncluttered track, at least when the song is engaging.

You’re All Alone Out There

I happened to be watching a tennis match while reading (Todd’s Blog) and somehow I couldn’t avoid thinking about some of those things in that context. Are you familiar with Andy Roddick? Great player, very successful by most definitions. He’d arguably go down as one of the greatest ever if not for Roger Federer, who seems to have his number and always beats him. It’s to the point where I’m convinced it is psychological. The epic and crazy ways he’s found to lose those matches is truly astounding. The bigger the match the more colossal the chokes have been. Is it possible he believes, subconsciously, he doesn’t deserve to beat him? They’re both spectacular players. Roger is just slightly better for whatever reason. Consequently a significant part of Andy’s legacy will be frustration. Hard to believe you can be as dominant as him and still be considered a failure in some respects. Very unforgiving sport. You’re all alone out there. Just like life.

2010: The Year we Make Contact

Maybe we should just settle for it being the year we start to unfuck ourselves. So disappointing…

When younger I used to think about the future with a real sense of wonder. I really believed life would be a lot better, that the world be a better place and all. I even believed we might be visiting other worlds, and know species from elsewhere in the galaxy. (At least that was the case on days I wasn’t scared to death we would annihilate each other.) Okay, I was a kid, and I was naive. But even with that in mind we’ve fallen so short of where we could be by now.

  • There are still HUGE disparities between rich and poor.
  • We still drive internal combustion engine machines.
  • We still have debilitating wars over religion.
  • We still have wide-spread pollution and hurt our planet.
  • We are only starting to have real voice recognition that works.
  • We still have so many diseases and ailments that can’t be addressed.
  • Terrorism, and the resources used to battle it.
  • Most of us still drive to buildings and toil away at menial jobs.

There are many more examples. It’s not that we haven’t progressed, even in the areas mentioned above. But the whole banking/mortgage collapse perfectly illustrates just how far we haven’t come. We’ll have to settle for getting out of that for now.


Dress For Success?

The Sweetwater Holiday party was a couple of weeks ago. I spent part of the day setting up PA and band equipment for it. At one point I was down in a tunnel underneath part of the building looking for a place to run a wire and a thought occurred to me: “I’m doing the same thing now as 20 years ago, only now I am wearing a tie.”


From time to time I have thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or ideas that may be worth writing down. Sometimes I later wish I had written them down. Must get better at that. Okay, so I write some stuff here in a blog. Maybe some people are interested in it. Whatever. Don’t care about that. But, as soon as it’s public it becomes hard to be totally transparent. Must be cognizant of potential audience before posting things. So somewhere in the background is the real, unedited stuff. Now, that’s at least two of these to manage.


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