You’re All Alone Out There

I happened to be watching a tennis match while reading (Todd’s Blog) and somehow I couldn’t avoid thinking about some of those things in that context. Are you familiar with Andy Roddick? Great player, very successful by most definitions. He’d arguably go down as one of the greatest ever if not for Roger Federer, who seems to have his number and always beats him. It’s to the point where I’m convinced it is psychological. The epic and crazy ways he’s found to lose those matches is truly astounding. The bigger the match the more colossal the chokes have been. Is it possible he believes, subconsciously, he doesn’t deserve to beat him? They’re both spectacular players. Roger is just slightly better for whatever reason. Consequently a significant part of Andy’s legacy will be frustration. Hard to believe you can be as dominant as him and still be considered a failure in some respects. Very unforgiving sport. You’re all alone out there. Just like life.

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