Social Media 1.0

How to turn a very cool 2.0 collaborative into a lame 1.0 experience: only post to social media sites when you have something to promote.

Folks, when you never contribute anything beyond thinly veiled self promotion you’re taking advantage of people who are there for more interaction and to keep up with friends, etc. Sensitivity to this surely varies by the medium (twitter seems more promotion friendly than facebook, for example), but if that’s all you contribute then you’re just as bad as the people who shove commercials down our throat.

Surely you can bring more to the table than ads.


3 Responses to “Social Media 1.0”

  1. 1 Christina August 6, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    I agree. I often wonder why people are so hell-bent on spending their time to figure out which picture / which words will impress their contacts the most. When I see this pattern, I un-follow them because I don’t feel impressed…just confused.

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