Race to Zero

It took my wife several hours to find a hotel for an upcoming trip we are taking. There are plenty available, but determining which was the right one for our needs took a lot of time, and based on our past experiences these selections can be somewhat hit or miss even after researching them thoroughly. There are lots of tools on the web that try to help, but none of them are all that great in my estimation. None of them provide much in the way of real insights about locals. In the “old days” I’d just go to a travel agent, which took a fraction of the time she just invested. Not perfect, but a good one would be nearly spot on nearly every time.  Now, you’re on your own. Such is the race to zero.

There is an analogy to the music industry here. With MySpace, iTunes, Reverb Nation, and any of dozens of other alternatives it’s EASY to find new music. But it’s not so easy to find good new music, and harder still to find good new music I like.

This is the downside of the Internet and our race to zero in general. Lot’s of 1.o sensibilities trying to make it work in a new world that requires 2.o thinking. We’ve gotten to the point where things are cheap or free, but so far we’re generally getting what we pay for. Hard to complain about that, as we did it to ourselves.

We need effective aggregators folks. People who can distill it all down and make well grounded assessments about consumables. That’s an opportunity.


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