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Did anyone not see this coming?

They recently filed Chapter 11, and frankly I’m surprised it took as long as it did.

One of the more clear examples of an entire industry being born and then dying before our eyes (in our lifetime). The major culprits in the demise of blockbuster are more convenient or cheaper models such as Netflix and Redbox. What many people don’t realize is that they too are doomed…

The CD is Dead

Just another small nail in the coffin, or a clue, depending on how you look at it: Apple changed the iTunes logo for the first time (significantly) in years.

Was…                                                                                              Now…

Be Kind

It’s generally not much more work to be kind to people. It can be as simple as a gesture or smile. What is accomplished by being a jerk? Even if someone is doing something you deem inappropriate or stupid kindness is usually best.

Selfish reasons to be kind:

1) You will generally get more accomplished in the world

2) People will like you more

3) You will feel better (in the long run)

4) You will live longer

5) You will be happier

Try it.

Stroke of Genius

As the music business sputters and spits on its way to a dying transformation there are still real strokes of genius that pop up from time to time, giving us a glimpse of hope, and perhaps a preview of the future.

Do it Right

David & friends with Rush. Taken in 2002 backstage before a show.

I’m normally not one to be star struck at all. In my profession I’ve had numerous and varied encounters with very famous people over the years. I have a few autographs tucked away in old memorabilia somewhere (not even sure where exactly), but they don’t really mean much to me. One of the joys I’m afforded is that from time to time I am able to meet people whose competency in some domain I hold in very high esteem, and who also happen to be humble and level headed about things (so far as I can tell). Those relatively rare encounters are the ones that mean a lot to me.
Such is the case with these guys. While they don’t get credit for initially inspiring me to become a musician they do get a lot of credit for inspiring me to take it seriously and had a lot of influence on the direction I took musically, both in playing style and taste in general. More importantly I think they get some credit helping influence me toward operating at a high level in anything I do. And they’ve shown me what can be right about this crazy industry I’ve been a part of all these years.
One of the more fascinating things about Rush is how misunderstood they are. If I were to take a poll among everyday people on the street very few would cite them as a favorite band, and many would probably say they don’t like them at all. Yet by the numbers they are one of the most successful bands in rock history. They are third behind the Beatles and The Rolling Stones for the most consecutive gold and platinum albums by a rock band. A surprising stat? A big reason why I’ve always been a fan is because they always seem to approach what they do with a very high level of integrity. Over the years they’ve pushed the envelopes of their musicianship more than almost any other band that’s had remotely as much success. They haven’t really tried to be “popular.” They just do what they do, and they do it very well. The albums sell themselves (it’s not like they’ve ever had any significant marketing behind them). They’ve hardly ever made any significant headlines, and aren’t at all known for the kinds of dubious antics most rock bands seem to find themselves part of at one time or another in their careers. Their success has been quietly achieved through many years of dedication and very hard work — not work at being successful so much as working to be good, and working at fulfilling their artistic vision. And it’s not just dedication to themselves, or some goal, but dedication and care towards each other. Integrity.
A number of years ago I became friends with their art director, Hugh Syme, through a series of encounters helping him get his personal recording studio going. He happened to live reasonably close to me at the time so I would drive down and spend a day with him working through things every so often. And so one of the side benefits naturally was being able to get some access to what has otherwise been known as a very private group of individuals.
Whether or not you like the music there is something to be learned here.

Rush 2010 Columbus

Rush 2010 Columbus


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