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Money: The Great Manipulator

2.o, the age of transparency? As long as you can convince people they need something you have, complete transparency will never truly happen. What’s my price for saying I like a product to my friends?

This particular promotion is pretty benign, of course, but it underscores how marketing is, in the end, always fundamentally the same. Granted, if I hate this company I am not likely to be interested in their $20, but the question is whether they can get me to advertise for them by offering me something they would likely have offered me anyway. It does have value, which lets them get something for it. Brilliant actually, but not particularly 2.0.

Ho-Hum, Changing the World…again…

I can’t begin to explain how brilliant this is, on so many levels. This is where I wish I was a professional writer (so I’d have time to delve into it).

It’s another step in a revolution that’s already happening, one in which Apple seems to be getting poised for leading the way.

Cloud Computing is how the end game looks to us now, but it’s so much more. It will start with big data centers, and solutions like this, where you can quickly locate and download the application you need for whatever task you happen to be faced with in the moment.

Just you wait and see.


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