Start by Doing a Good Job

In marketing we walk a delicate balance between creating/setting expectations and simply advocating the best possible outcome. Picture an add with a smiling family watching their TV and surfing the Internet after having their cable installed. It tells a nice story — one that could come true. Or you see the family on a great vacation, having been flown there by a courteous, efficient airline. Yeah, it could happen. Unfortunately it rarely does. If you bring in business by setting an expectation, you better be able to consistently meet the expectation you’re setting. Basic stuff. But why does it seem like so many companies tell the story before they’ve truly figured out how to fulfill on the story?

It would be better to figure out a way to do a good job. Master your craft. Provide something of real value. Unique. Then people will help tell your story for you better than you ever could. It may take a little longer this way, but in the end you are far less likely to be brushed aside when the next thing comes along.


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