Feeling it — Knowing versus Understanding

The difference between understanding and knowing is significant. One may understand how to play piano, but not actually be able to play a song. Knowing is being able to do it.

This is the difference in how more people are feeling about the economy and their future these days. It’s one thing to understand that the world is changing, that the industrial revolution and associated mindsets and practices are fading, but it’s entirely another thing when one experiences it for himself. Knowing.

Like many things in life it takes on a whole new light when it hits home or becomes so pervasive that it no longer can be avoided. We are no longer believing, or even hoping, that things will return to “normal.” And that new reality is producing a level of panic and ongoing despair among the working generation the likes of which haven’t been seen in America since (arguably) the Depression.

Of course inside of these kinds of broad changes are opportunities. We understand this academically (largely because we are told this is the case), but have yet to foster the mindset and necessary skills to design and act accordingly. We do not know how to proceed. And so frustration abounds.

We used to see ourselves as a product of an evolution we largely understood, one that had already happened. All we had to do was follow instructions — what we were taught in school or in training. But being in that whirlwind is entirely different. There’s no training for this, and schools are as ill equipped as we are. Better figure it out because the outcome for those who don’t evolve is extinction.


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