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Was it worth it?

On a Personal Note

Life is full of highs and lows. Sometimes you try to do everything right and it just doesn’t work out. Sometimes you stumble and someone is there to pick you up. Sometimes not. It all seems so random. Is it?

Religion tells us it is not random. Those things are signs or tests. People without religion say that’s just a fantasy people cling to for comfort.

How is anyone supposed to figure it out when the whole thing is based on a leap of faith? All our lives we’re hoping we’re doing the right thing so that the aftermath can be what we want. Or we’re doing the right thing just because it’s inherently right. What makes it right though? Isn’t that just another interpretation? How do we know we picked (or our parents picked for us) the right religion? Or the right interpretation of the religion? How much room is there for interpretation?

Tough questions. Here is what I do know. There are varying degrees of good and bad people everywhere — with religion and without. Regardless of what you believe, when you encounter a good person whose basis for that comes from religion, support it. Do not condescend to them. Your lack of religion is just a belief too. Don’t try to take what works for that person away. You truly have no guarantee you are more right. If that belief works for a person, and she finds harmony and fulfillment in that, how can you think it is wrong?

That’s the beauty of life. None of us truly knows what the heck we are doing here. The pursuit should be the seeking of truth and to live a good life as a good person. There are many people in the world who are helped to that end by their religions. That is a great thing. And maybe there is something to it…

(Dedicated to a good friend — I am listening.)

Please Reply

I say it is poor form to send e-mails to your customer from return addresses such as “Do Not Reply,” or to otherwise make it more difficult to communicate.

Do you really not want to hear from your customers?

You should be inviting their replies. Yes, I get that many of these e-mails are automated, but why not develop a way to deal with any replies? Clearly it is much easier to just hit reply if there are any questions or concerns so be good to your customers and find a way to make it work.


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