Battle of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is commonly documented. It relates to fear of change. The unknown triggers anxiety.

Seduction of the unknown isn’t discussed as much, but in many cases it is in a dual with the fear.

  • Fear = Trepidation over what can go wrong.
  • Seduction = Wonder over what the possibilities might be.

Epic battles between these light and dark forces wage within each of us from time to time. Unfortunately fear wins most of those. We stay put, and are left to reflect on what might have been had we been brave. The people we look up to, the ones who seem to get ahead with happy and fulfilled lives, find ways to push the fear aside just enough to let the seduction capture their imaginations and take hold to the extent that they will act on it.

It’s almost never a landslide. You’re uncertain either way. A winner emerges in the actions we take, but there is trepidation throughout. This is the fear continuing to work on you. Uncertainty has much more experience working with fear in most of us.

Ultimately we get exactly what we really think we deserve. No more, and no less. If you believe you deserve more, then you have to find enough faith in yourself to know you can get it. Make the seduction win; let it give you the courage to try.

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