Double Standard

A group of Mormons recently quit the church in a mass resignation ceremony. One of the sited reasons is doctrinal teachings that conflict with scientific findings. I understand what they are getting at. Many religions seem to ask members to ignore certain widely accepted scientific concepts.

The problem with this is…much of the basis of religion flies in the face of our scientific understandings in the first place. The origins of the LDS Church are no exception.  To call out certain doctrines in particular, when the whole religion in and of itself doesn’t hold up to scientific process is a subjective assessment people can make, however illogical it may appear to be.

If you’re going with faith as a way to decide what to believe and how to live your life then how does one decide which religion is worthy of that leap? Most of them have fantastic stories that ignore at least a few commonly agreed upon scientific understandings. Ultimately our chosen religion is a reflection of ourselves, and this is especially true in the way we practice it. Certain doctrines are conveniently ignored or modified to fit with our interpretation of how we want to live. When those doctrines fly in the face of what we “feel” is really right it produces a very real conflict that can be ignored or reconciled.

One way to reconcile it is to leave the church. But then what?


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