Burdon of Choice

There are so many ways we fool ourselves to avoid making difficult choices. Take time, for an example. Every study ever done clearly shows that we all have much more discretionary time available to us than we believe (or admit). One of the benefits of being starved for time is that it lets us off the hook for dealing with the burden of choice about what to do. Not just the hour by hour challenge of what to do, but what to do with our lives. What to work on and spend time on. No, it’s much easier to get trapped by all the little activities and wastes of time than it is to truly be accountable for it.

What about who we spend time with? Many of those choices were made for us (family, coworkers, schoolmates, etc.), but none of them have to be permanent. Spouses, kids, etc. are choices we made and normally feel secure in clinging to. But when we don’t have time for them that’s also a choice we made (again, the studies clearly show that we have time for all of it), but it’s more comfortable if we’re simply swept up in the vortex of everything else happening in our lives…out of control.

No time to do the things we want, ignoring that we haven’t made them a priority.

Not suggesting time management is easy. It is doable. But it first requires a commitment to making some less than comfortable choices about your life’s priorities. When you sort that out the time to do what matters will be there.

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