Run Away

Running away from things is frowned upon in our culture. We’re taught to stay in there and tough it out, whatever it is. Generally that’s a good position. One can’t quit every time things get hard.

But we stick (sometimes half-heartedly) with so many things that we build up a lot of baggage over time. We’re so ensconced in the cell of awareness we call our our lives: our obligations, and everything going on around us that it bogs us down and we stagnate.

What about doing a hard reset on your life? Leave everything behind and go somewhere else to start over. Reinvent yourself. Nothing will open doors to growth, and even force you to grow, like starting over. I did something close to this just over 20 years ago. It was a bit of a setback for a while, but I learned a lot, and in the end things worked out much better than they likely would have. It would be harder than ever to do it now. More to lose. But what if?

You probably think it’s delusional to even consider. You have important obligations, too much to lose, and things you simply don’t want to give up. Do you believe you could create a great life (again)? I have known a few people who have done it. They are all happier. Do you know anyone who has done this who is less happy now?

It doesn’t have to be absolute to do some good. Simply moving away, getting a new job, and making new friends can work wonders. You don’t have to completely forsake the old friends, but you do have to burn your boats behind you enough that you commit to your new life. Like most things, it doesn’t work when half-hearted.

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