Bear Traps

There are things in life that harm us, or that we cause to harm us, that we need to move on from. Can’t dwell on the past or let them keep you down. You may lose the battle, but don’t lose the lesson, no matter how difficult or painful it may be. That’s the wisdom you’ll need to avoid similar hidden dangers in the future. They are out there, like traps in the woods just waiting for the unsuspecting person (you) to slip up. Get caught in one of those bear traps and you may have to gnaw your leg off to get out. This is not to say you shouldn’t head into those woods. Danger is part of life. It is what separates the willing from the weak. Live it. Take care to look around before you step, but accept that stepping further into the danger of the woods is how you find what’s on the other side. If you don’t go then you probably don’t need that leg you might have to gnaw off anyway. Sit still and go nowhere, or move and risk it.

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