Sometimes the cards are truly stacked against us. Events conspire in ways that cannot be overcome.

Are these signs, or just bad luck? That’s a religious debate.

Cruelty and the Benefactor

A policeman pulls over a speeder, and now all of the other speeders slow down. Have you ever had anything bad happen to you where, upon thinking about it, it seemed like others derived the only benefit from it? It’s almost as if your role was to suffer so someone else could be better off. Usually dots can be connected to lead to some possible, hypothetical benefit to yourself, but it can be pretty far-fetched at times. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Those are the easy ones.

People are  sometimes put into heart breaking situations. Why? One side of the religious debate says it’s chance. Just the way the cards were dealt. The other says there is a purpose to it.

Usually the circumstance does leave room for the sufferer to have some upside, but on occasion that’s not the case. We don’t talk about those much, but we have to look all the way to the worst cases to try to see the truth of it, which then can be applied to the rest. A child is born and knows only suffering (I’m referring to the really bad ones), and there is a purpose to this? Who is the purpose for? Is it for the onlookers? Maybe they will appreciate what they have more? Is it for the parents? I have seen parents rise to the occasion in truly inspiring ways.

I will not pretend that no good comes of the awful situations that can happen in life. But to think how others benefit as any sort of rationalization for these circumstances is disquieting to say the least. If they are just chance occurrences, random, more or less…then it’s easy to accept as part of the general messiness of life. If they are by design…Yikes. I know, we’re not supposed to understand. “Mysterious ways,” and all that.

A designer chooses to make someone miserable so another can gain some benefit, or some appreciation, or some other mysterious, and possibly forever unknown upside. And this supreme designer has no other valid means to accomplish the desired outcome? Hmmm…

I know this is not a new argument. I wish there were some semi-rational explanation beyond cruelty for the designer theory. It’s one more leap of faith…

You believe what you believe. Perhaps it’s just what makes you feel good, and that’s okay.

Either way when it’s our turn in the barrel all we can do is control our attitude. We take the beating, learn what we can, and hope to move on.

8 Responses to “Signs?”

  1. 1 Vivian October 27, 2012 at 9:59 am

    As an extension of this thought: I abhor (and, no, that is not too strong a word) when people are interviewed or otherwise exposed to the public after some sort of disaster and thank God for saving them/the house/whatever when others may be suffering lost of life/property, etc. Do they realize that they are saying that God dislikes some people? “Your child was injured but my house is still standing.” If there is a God, I really don’t think this entity gives a “rat’s ass” about who scored a touchdown.

  2. 2 David Stewart October 27, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    I don’t think most people think through the implications of these sorts of things at all. That said, I suppose I can understand that in the euphoria of having escaped a nasty situation some people might accidentally be a little insensitive.

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