Landings and the Shallow Water

The transition from flight back to the earth is generally the most nerve racking part of the job for pilots. Whatever margin of error there is in flight dwindles rapidly as the distance to the solid medium diminishes. Likewise walking in the shallow waters of the ocean can be surprisingly difficult. Being in water is not that hard, but the transition of getting out into the water while getting pounded with waves is an exercise in strength and balance.

Transitions in life have a way of increasing danger and throwing us off balance. In fact, being knocked off center, or worse, crashing and burning are sure signs that a transition is about to happen or is already in progress. Many times they are obvious, but occasionally a big wave will sneak up and remind us how fragile the balancing act we call our lives really is.

So you may get knocked down. What to you do? Pick up and press on, risking more, or you do turn back to the relative safety? Maybe you never take the airplane up. No risk in that. We can drown in the sea if we aren’t good swimmers, so maybe it’s better to stay out. If we try hard enough we can avoid many of these difficult transitions in life. Stay in the same place, keep the same job, hang around the same people, etc. You’ll still get bounced by the odd wave here and there, but it’s relatively safe.

But in a “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” sense those transitions are really valuable growth opportunities.

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