Love Will Find a Way


There are actual, insurmountable obstacles in life. I’ll never be an NBA basketball player or star in a ballet of Romeo and Juliette.

Then there are the obstacles that seem insurmountable to us. Most of them, however, are in our heads. We create them, yet they often seem quite real and valid. The unbending and absolute nature of the truly insurmountable obstacles tends to lead credence to the surmountable ones. One would think this is especially apparent when the obstacles are all things that are within our control, yet we still convince ourselves it’s too far fetched, or too difficult.

Love is the antidote to our fear. Love can conquer it all. Love can give you the will to overcome, if you will let it. Love for yourself or God, or someone else, or in what you love doing. Love or passion for something will make you work harder to get it or harder at it, and you’ll know it is love because though it may be difficult that work will be joyous. Without love it’s drudgery. You will not do your best, and you will not feel right about it…and the odds of succeeding are low, which ends up fueling the fear. Find what you love and this all turns around.

Love doesn’t add up on the calculator. If you have to weigh it and measure it then you’ve already lost.

Love will find a way, if you want it to.

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