trustcodependencyIn real estate it is often said that the three most important elements are:

1. Location
2. Location
3. Location

I make a similar argument for relationships, whether business or personal. What we all mainly want to know is…

Where do I stand?

What do you think of/about me? How important am I to you? Are you going to come through when I need you? Do you trust me to come through for you?

All we have to go on are your words and ultimately your actions. Hopefully the two are consistent, but even when they aren’t that lets us know something. So tell us. Communicate it. Don’t make us waste time and energy trying to figure it all out reading between the lines. That process is highly prone to error. Life is much easier for everyone when we’re all up front about this stuff.

It takes some bravery, but it’s worth it. You have to believe you or your organization is worthwhile. That there are others who will respond positively to you and the truth, no matter what it is (if you don’t believe it then you need to change it). When these relationships and interactions are forged honestly everyone benefits. Its much better than betraying someone or feeling betrayed when the truth inevitably emerges.

Imagine the value of a commercial that says, “You probably will not like our product if…” Or the value of having a person tell you her real intentions behind a set of actions.

So keep it real. Have the courage to be who you are, say what you think, and lay out the landscape even when you’re afraid. In the long run everyone appreciates honesty and integrity, even if it just allows us the opportunity of a clear choice about potentially wasting time on something that isn’t likely to work.


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