Love and Trust

LoveandTrustI previously wrote about actions when things go wrong. Without a doubt the things people do (or don’t do) when it all hits the fan can be quite illuminating. It affects dignity and trust, and speaks to character. A song lyric from the past comes to mind…

We need trust to build faith
And in that faith we’ll find hope
And with that hope we learn to love

The other side of this same coin, however, is that love can provide these things. It provides room for benefit of the doubt, faith, and hope if we let it.

It means I don’t have to be told exactly where I stand because I know what is in your heart. You don’t have to explain why things went wrong because I believe your intent was in the right place. I trust you.

Real love provides these things. Even if there is bad stuff in there, or bad things happening…love overcomes. It keeps the light on and helps us not to get swallowed by negativity.

Are there limits? Of course. It can be fragile. If enough goes wrong the benefit of the doubt starts to be replaced by skepticism. Eventually one becomes jaded and cynical. Trust is lost. Faith is lost. Eventually love is lost. More lyric…

We broke the promise – started keeping score
Lost sight of why we ever played
So I’m not playing anymore

Can it be rebuilt? Of course. Love can find a way, if you let it.

Your individual results may vary. Some people respond to the actions of building faith and trust better than others. They can gracefully give benefit of the doubt, even when they have reservations. And like the first lyric says, these things can provide a way to love. I envy those people. For the rest of us it starts with love, and everything else blossoms out of that. It can be powerful, if you let it.

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