Money Can’t Buy…


Money can’t buy happiness, we’re told. Paul McCartney begs to differ. He wrote, “Money can’t buy me love,” but later said, “It should have been can buy me love.”

Depends on your definition of love, I guess.

Well documented correlation shows people who are better off financially tend to be happier, but that correlation doesn’t define the cause. Money can afford you experiences that enrich your life in powerful ways. It’s a great tool that I recommend acquiring if possible. But it can’t fill your emotional needs the way a person can. Especially that right person. I speculate that happiness is as much a cause of these kinds of riches as the result, although there are clearly many exceptions.

That’s old news.

What about doing what you love? Is it worth giving up money to do what you love? Should you stick with that job or career that produces revenue even though you fell out of love with it a long time ago?

Silly humans, always asking the wrong questions?

Art and Money can only cross paths. Your passion, what you love doing and want to do, is your art. Money inherently taints it. As soon as you involve money in the process, as soon as you start calculating what people want, the purity erodes and soon what you have is a job. It may be a really great job, depending on how many compromises you end up making, but it’s still a job. You still need art, your passion, something else that you love doing only for the sake of it. Something that is untainted by the forces of the world. Something you do for you. It could be photography, volunteer work, writing, cycling, counseling, music, or whatever. Even raising a family might qualify (be sure you aren’t fooling yourself here).

Without whatever it is there will be a hole. Ironically it is money that can afford you the ability to have your art on the side. Once you abandon the idea of making money you can keep it pure. Ironically under those conditions the art may be good/passionate enough that it may attract money. That’s great, but understand it will become tainted, and you’ll eventually need something else.

Because we’re human, we’ll always need. Money can’t even buy, “this is good enough.”

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