Discord is unwanted because it is uncomfortable. Yet it can be a vital part of moving forward. Don’t sweep things under the rug to be comfortable. Get them out in the open and tackle them. Otherwise you undermine your future.

It does, however, require all parties to be willing to engage genuinely. You can’t run away when it proves to be difficult. Sometimes it takes a great deal of time and a Herculean effort to finally resolve deep issues. Everyone has to genuinely be willing to be influenced by the thoughts, beliefs, and arguments of others.

In the video above the seemingly impossible happens: A group of metronomes are set to the same rate, but started out of time with each other. Because the conditions fostered it (the surface they sit on moves in sympathy with their vibrations), in a matter of minutes they are all marching right in step.

The other side of this coin? Consider that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are very much a result of you marching in sympathy with those you’ve been around most in your life.

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