Serindipity - treecloud

The random occurrence of circumstances conspiring in a manner to provide an opportunity or benefit for us seems so special that we’ve invented a word for it. Serendipity is basically a fancy word for experiencing good luck.

What we so often fail to realize is that events conspire for and against us on a regular basis. We just don’t usually encounter them as such. Sure, the cloud, season, time of day, position of the observer, and having the necessary equipment on hand all had to be just right for this picture to be possible. But it also required an ability to see it. To visualize and understand the significance of the opportunity to communicate something unique with a snapshot.

Every day opportunities pass us by because we don’t see that they are there. Similarly we also regularly avoid negative circumstances by narrow margins, sometimes without giving them a second thought. We trek through life making decisions and appreciating the good luck we recognize, sometimes giving ourselves more or less credit than we truly deserve. But we miss so much… If we could learn to be better observers of the world we surely would see a lot more beauty…and ugliness. We would be able to get more out of life and understand better how to put more into it.

It starts with seeing what is already there.

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