Check the Box


Is the value in experiencing something or having experienced it?

An observer of our culture would suggest we value the latter much more than the former. We run from place to place, thing to thing, experience to experience checking items off our list.

√  Yankees Game

√  Eiffel Tower

√  Took the kids to Disney World

√  Skydiving

√  Walked through the 911 memorial

√  Gambled in Vegas

√  Cruise to the Bahamas

√  Visit all 50 states

It goes on and on. There is so much to to, and so little time to do it. We hardly savor or experience it in the moment, yet feel satisfaction when we check it off the list while posting to facebook as if it had some profound effect on our lives.

No depth or any real understanding. Just enough to be able to talk about it semi-intellegently at the next party (also checked off the list) or chance encounter with someone we want to impress.

Whether movies, or music, or books, or meals, or sports…just about everything in our society is becoming geared around our quest to digest the essence of it quickly. ESPN has built an entire industry around it, as has iTunes (and Napster before), not to mention Amazon, where you can get the quick low-down and buy.

Things become so oriented around this that sometimes you can’t even find the deeper story if you did want it. Consider that the sale of Cliffs Notes are way down, in part because even they are too long to be absorbed. People want, and can get, a summary of them.

Get the gist of it. Then hurry off to what’s next. We’ve become slaves to it. Consuming, yet not really deriving much from vast amounts of information or experiences where we barely scratch the surface.

(I) hope you got what you needed here. The gist of it. I could have provided more examples and analogies that would help you see the scope of it in a more impactful way, but we both need to move on.

Gotta’ run…

2 Responses to “Check the Box”

  1. 1 Vivian November 9, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Witnessed a great example of this just Thursday night as I watched far too many ill equipped people trying to take pictures of the Northern Lights instead of simply enjoying the display. Some could not seem to grasp that using a flash was not helpful and was harmful to knowledgeable photographers. I kept wandering around muttering “Just buy a postcard.”

  1. 1 Out of Time | Just a job to do Trackback on April 2, 2017 at 1:08 pm

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