Ideal World

ideal worldThere is no ideal world. We know that. Yet we sometimes can’t seem to stop trying to get others to conform to our idea of it. Most of our communications are (at least on the surface) to accomplish something, yet we often don’t fully consider the best way to go about it. We’re pushing for the ideal world, and in the process submarining our ability to get any positive movement, let alone achieving satisfaction. This is especially true when there is conflict, or some stressor involved.

The starting point is to communicate to get an intended result rather than merely releasing whatever emotional baggage there may be.

First figure out the result you really want. Then the proper method of communication can be devised. Resist the temptation to add any extra and (especially) emotionally charged components unless those are truly germane to a message that will get the result you need. All of the extra baggage from your misery or frustration over all the other stuff may only distract from the core message you need to convey. Instead give a person clear and relevant (to him) instructions about what you need. You’d be surprised how much better you are heard and how much better the results will be when you strip all the extra information (noise) away.

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