Tech Fashion

iGlassesIt’s a given that technology is all around us now. It’s gradually even starting to become part of us. The novelty of tech has long worn off. Function is the ante to be in the game. So what’s the differentiator now? Why buy Apple or Samsung, or…?

There are still nuances in performance and features that make a legitimate difference to some people. But the difference maker is shifting to form. How does a person feel being associated with one or the other. It’s fashion all over again.

Your brand of fashion may be to compare pixel spaces, while another’s may be to note how the OS feels, while another’s may be to look at the overall appearance, etc. In the end those factors are fading into the context of the message we receive and/or choose to communicate by using X versus Y. It’s fashion. It’s lifestyle. Even the geeks who try to fixate on the specs (because that’s their fashion) choose based on the message it sends, on the basis of the tribe they want to be part of (though they will never admit it).

Fashion deliberately creates or leveridges (widens) the divides that allow the different tribes to exist and be distinct. Followers then march in step, some parroting the talking points that rationalize their choices. Other’s quietly letting the statement they make speak for itself. A person who wears fine suits can spot them at a distance.

A fine watch doesn’t keep time any better than a cheap one (in many cases not as well). But it doesn’t matter. It keeps time well enough, and serves another, more abstract purpose. A fine piece of art hanging on the wall doesn’t do anything more than the cheap picture purchased at Target…or does it?

Of course it does.


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