Turns Out We’re Not That Interesting

notthatinterestingA current look at the typical feed in Facebook will reveal more posts that are links to other things (photos, articles, etc.). We’ve grown bored with each other’s curated personas presented online.

We just aren’t inherently that interesting to each other.

Most users of services like Facebook have crafted an online persona that may only vaguely resemble their actual life. We all know this intuitively because we all do it to some extent. That gets much less interesting after a while. Further, the audience is much too wide to do it any other way. If it really was limited to our close friends we would probably be much more genuine and open, which would be a lot more compelling for both the poster and the reader.

But these services aren’t interested in us limiting our audience. It’s best for them if things spread widely. In the spirit of keeping as many eyeballs as possible attentive it’s brilliant of them to provide us with so much content to share with friends and acquaintances, and such an easy process for doing it.

Even though it’s not what it once was it’s not always a terrible experience. A compelling article can spawn an engaging discussion sometimes. But we all know it would be personally better if it was more intimate and genuine. The fact that kids don’t really use Facebook anymore is indicative of how it has lost part of its core utility in our lives. They all will continue to evolve.

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