Torturing Babies

Does anyone who isn’t clinically insane not know it is wrong?

Why? Why do we all know and agree with this?

These points that all mankind adheres to may be socially driven. We have evolved over millions of years to be social animals, tribal, supportive of others and willing to reach a common goal. This could explain much of the morality and meaning we see in life, without the need for it to be revealed by a divine presence. There isn’t any known society so far afield as to turn our common sense on its ear enough that something like torturing babies would be permissible. How does that happen? It’s easy to see how differences emerge across different cultures, but the similarities seem to point to there being some essence of life that’s inherently understood. Maybe it’s just a manifestation of self-preservation, which seems wired into all lifeforms we know of with higher cognition. Add a social component to that and viola!

However it’s possible these sensibilities originate from somewhere else. Some mysterious place that helps give rise to our thinking that there is some higher power, or at least a common source of it all that has ‘stamped’ us with something that remains after so many generations.

What about our sense of beauty? It varies a great deal, but there are certainly common elements we can just about all agree on. Mankind has been inspired accordingly since the earliest days of civilization.


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