The Result of Answers

MountainCloudWe seek answers. We read, watch…learn.

What happens when we get one?

We stop learning. We stop seeking. Stop questioning. Have you ever seen someone accept a wrong explanation of something because it makes sense? Once it makes sense to us we are satisfied.

We don’t have to wonder where man comes from if religion gives us an answer we accept. If scientists give us an explanation of carbon dating that seems credible we don’t have to wonder about it…unless it conflicts with something else we have accepted as being true. Political dogma and generalizations…in general apply.

Belief, in whatever we happen to believe in, cements those answers for us, and relieves us from the burden of having to consider it anymore. There’s a lot of useful efficiency to be gained from that acceptance (where would we be if we had to keep proving how to find the area of a circle?), but it’s pretty dangerous as well. Once we are ‘sold‘ our tendency is to remain so.

We blow it a lot, because while we appear to seek knowledge, what’s really going on is motivated by the need for the feeling of contentment that arises out of knowing.

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