An Infinite Moment in Time

Sometimes it takes just an instant. A moment of poor judgement, a moment of brilliance, an hour of extreme depression. It can begin or end a lifetime…or a life. The whole universe can be contained in that moment, for someone.

While the rest of us stare at our computers. Sometimes we wonder. Often we just exist, and plod on with a vague, underlying feeling of angst.

Right now many are so dismayed at the death of Robin Williams. Another in a series of famous and talented personalities we’ve learned were riddled with ‘issues’ and suffering from one of the more troubling diseases of our times: depression.

How sad it is that he reached a state where no one was able to help him. Imagine those final hours (or days?) leading up to it. He moved us. And he was also moved.

Meanwhile with much less fanfare a kid gets snuffed in Missouri by a cop. We’ll never know much of what really happened, but the bottom line is in a moment a kid is dead. Or you have a race car driver who possibly had a colossal lapse of judgement in what may have been a moment of anger or spite.

These are just moments for the pontificating world. They are the universes and lifetimes for some. What do we owe each other? Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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