Two Kinds of Movement

pythagorean theorem
A complex physics concept is how space-time works. In simple layman’s terms the speed of light is the only speed there is. You can interpret relativity to mean that everything moves through space-time at the speed of light. Some of that movement is through space, and some of it is through time. They add like sides of a right triangle (think Pythagorean Theorem) so the sum of the squares of the two velocities always equals the square of the speed of light. Our velocity through space is pretty slow, so much of our motion is through time. An object moving at half the speed of light experiences less passage of time relative to us. Photons, at the speed of light, experience no passage of time.
This is a metaphor for our lives. Movement happens because we displace ourselves somewhat physically, but also over time. And it’s all relative. When we’re doing and accomplishing a lot we do not notice the passage of time nearly as much. We move off center, away from where we were, on to other things, other people, other realizations. When we sit still the passage of time becomes a much greater factor in our perception of what happens to us.
Movement occurs. We move ourselves, or…if we wait for time to do it then the movement occurs all around us. Eventually we find ourselves in a different reality we must learn to navigate.

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