What’s in a Year?

OneYearForrest Cycles Repeat

Scene made of 365 photos stitched together chronologically from left to right.

One revolution around the sun. We return to where we were, more or less. Time to make another new year’s resolution, or engage in other ongoing repetitions of life. Our circadian biology is comfortable with the routine. Hopefully there has been some movement, and things look a little different. So now what do we do…knowing that 365 days from now the scene may look similar, like deja-vu all over again? Do we want to arrive at the starting line again after having passed go? If so, life is easy. If instead there is an underlying disturbance…the dull, nauseating feeling of discontent, then…

Maybe it’s worth finding, reflecting on, and seeking out more of those precious moments where real movement occurred, or hung in the balance. When they pass by we later only see them through the murky haze of how they made us feel. It’s the trees in the moment, but the forrest upon reflection. There is something significant going on in those moments, as well as in the moments where we reflect on them. A communication within yourself. Clues…or queues.

The camera records what’s in front of it. The human behind it interprets, and hopes someone at the other end gets the communication. That someone else is the beholder, just as you are the beholder of the creation of yourself.

That story is being written…right now. How different is the one in your head from the one a camera would see?

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