08-ShatterFor all practical purposes it’s unavoidable. I suppose it’s unavoidable by definition. Try as we might there are some things we can’t see coming. Sure, you can limit risk, but there’s no way to account for luck…or karma, or whatever you want to call the randomness of the world.

Given that shit happens, your best option is to be as prepared as you can. Be prepared to manage your attitude. Be prepared to be nimble and. Be prepared to be tough.

How? Work your mind and your body. That’s all you have. Exercise thinking, dealing with emotions, observation, reflection, etc. Find your art and use it, whether writing, music, whatever. Hopefully you can find a way to apply some or all of it to your work. The point is to try to be sharp.

Meanwhile, you must do the same for your body. The body and mind may not be one, but they certainly have a great deal of influence on one another. Take care of it. Exercise, eat right, etc.

Super-obvious stuff here. Know that you are going to get blindsided from time to time. When you know that, you can almost begin to think as if it’s already happened.

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