Question Everything

Nazi rally in Neurenberg in the '30s

Nazi rally in Neurenberg in the ’30s

We have plenty of evidence showing that under the right circumstances a lot of people can be convinced to go along with something, even when it’s wrong or not in their best interest. When vast numbers of us appear to agree, most of the rest no longer question it.

Some issues are polarizing. Some seem cut and dried. But are they really?

For example, we all (in current day America) agree that Hitler and most things he stood for were wrong, even evil. We don’t question it. Most of us don’t even seem to question how or why so many people went along with it. Think about how many bought into it. These were not stupid or uninformed people. There are reasons, of course, but A) Most of us don’t really know what they are, and B) Most of what we’ve read and been taught on the subject evolved from the revisionists history of the victors (us).

Perhaps there is a different version lost to the fog of time and war.

America won the War of Independence against the British. George Washington and others on our side are considered heroes. If the British had won, we would likely know the war as some kind of rebellion, and George Washington would be a famous traitor.

The truth is often much more nuanced than most of us would care to believe or think about.

We like simple and clear answers. Preferably black and white ones. We feel comfortable when we fall in step with the beliefs of our parents, community or peers…until such time as some other influence grabs us and we begin to see things differently. Then suddenly we believe we have become enlightened. That old truth wasn’t real or right, or well grounded, or was based on outmoded information. But this new truth is.

Or…maybe there is yet another version we haven’t seen yet.

Question everything.


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