Hope is Not a Strategy


Hoping things will work out or get better has no bearing on making them so (quantum physics notwithstanding).

Hope is simply something that can make us feel better about our circumstances. It takes on more meaning and feels more substantial when we’re actually in action to achieve a result. Still it isn’t the hope that does it. It’s the action. Hope can help motivate us to action, or is helpful in getting us to stay the course, or it can serve to tranquilize us that it will work out anyway. Inaction.

Hope is not an effective strategy. It’s just a feeling, an emotion. Many people have gone to their graves eventually realizing that hope wasn’t actually doing anything beyond making them feel better in the moment.

Don’t live your life putting your faith in hope. You may need to give up the tranquility of hope to finally take action. Maybe you need to break something. Something that’s probably already broken.

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