Validation Day


February 14th. Welcome to the most cruel of the Hallmark holidays. Also the most bizarre, once one factors in the dubious origins.

Some commerce is driven as the obligatory cards and flowers are bestowed on those fortunate enough to be in a position to receive them. While it’s nice to be reminded to appreciate a romantic partner in life, it is not such a fun time for so many.

In modern times it has taken on a more general theme of providing some recognition or validation outside of romantic ties, but it still conveys those undertones with force. A force that reminds us how indifferent the world is towards us as individuals. Maybe it should become a day that reminds us not to rely too much on others for our validation. Or at the very least, maybe it can remind each of us of the importance of validating someone else, without the need to feel reinforced ourselves. A demonstrative display of the idea that it’s better to give than receive. Easier said than done.

If there really was a St. Valentine, I wonder what he would think about this ritual?

Still hopeful that humans can become more humane.

4 Responses to “Validation Day”

  1. 1 babicka February 15, 2015 at 10:38 am

    I would add to your cruel holidays Mother’s Day and to a somewhat lesser extent, Father’s Day. Historically, so much of “being a woman” has been tied with being a mother. I understand the origins of Mother’s Day and the need at that time in history to elevate this role and force others to realize the importance. However, fast forward to the present and think of women who were unable to have children or lost children. How cruel to see people around you being celebrated. All the same is true for Father’s Day but to a somewhat lesser extent because historically that was not the full function of a man. I’m afraid the event is too far gone to change it to a celebration of the men and women in someone’s life. You and Andy and Jeff are not Grace and Davidson’s father but you add so much to their lives in ways that their father may not be able to. So, while MD and FD are wonderful they can also inflict a lot of pain for those who want to be but are not, for whatever reason, mothers and fathers.

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