The Road From Hell


…is also paved with good intentions.

It’s easy to be a saint in paradise. It’s possible to act saintly at other times, especially when it helps us feel good about ourselves. But evidence shows that angry, scared, determined people are usually going to do whatever they think it takes to survive. They often don’t even look at it as a choice.

We allow for this, up to a point. Short of that point, whatever it is, we have to swim upstream against our emotions or face the wrath of judgements (including our own) against our character. All subjective to a degree, based partly on how sacred the things are perceived to be that we tread upon to take care.

The road can be lonely and long, especially if you’re stepping outside of the boundaries others allow for you. Just take it one day at a time and fight the good fight, eh? But what about when it’s not so easy to tell which direction the road is pointed?

We can rely on others. That leads us right back to the trap of not only their morality, but on their common sense and capacity to understand the depth and nuances of what you’re facing. Maybe it really is better to just go it alone.

Difficult choice.

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