We don’t see some them from our little bubble of reality. But if you step back and look honestly…they are there.


When we do see them we often see a path out…if only we could take it. If only we weren’t caged.

Most of them we selected ourselves. Prisons meticulously constructed under the guise of keeping ourselves safe.


Others also cage us. We allow it. We often seek it out. It’s comfortable. Until…we realize…the comfort is merely the seduction that tranquilizes. Once we pull the curtain back and become aware of what it is, it no longer feels as satisfying. No longer makes us happy or comfortable. Things were arguably broken all along, but the point is that once we figure it out it becomes part of the trap. Caged…by our own victimized baggage, hoping we’ll get used to that dull feeling, because it seems impossible to let go and move on, especially considering how programmed we are with the morality and conventional wisdom to stay the course.


Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the bliss of ignorance?



Remember it’s self imposed. It can be changed. There is a choice.


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