04-HurricaneOne of the more fascinating aspects of hurricanes is their ability to transport things that we normally wouldn’t think of as movable by…well, wind. Cars, trucks, boats, and even small buildings are sometimes found dozens of miles from their proper places after a strong hurricane.

Of course this applies to humans as well. But we sometimes experience other kinds of hurricanes, and like the weather phenomena we can also find ourselves significantly displaced. Though a boat found 15 miles inland is an oddity, moving it back to it’s proper place is a relatively straight forward affair. With people these journeys aren’t so easily reconciled. Of course sometimes we’re better off in our new realities. But when we’re not it’s difficult to know what to do but soldier on and try to make the best of it. Hopelessness eventually offset by a dull contentment.

It often ends up being two journeys.

Though we can prepare for hurricanes, it’s hard to be ready for anything. Imagine waking up somewhere unrecognizable in an unrecognizable form or mindset. You’re lost, nothing seems familiar. What do you do? Unless things fall into place and begin to look rosy, some of us would eventually start walking. Even if things are rosy we might still wonder about what we’re missing, and might start walking. The idea of the next journey, though risky, eats at us until it seems worth attempting. Others would stay put, almost no matter what.

What a fight. The battle of the unknown journey versus the grim discontent of staying put.

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