Not Logical


Leonard Nimoy’s character brought wisdom and depth to simple adventure stories, often offering perspective against an ironically emotional backdrop. Axioms to heed by way of their contexts.




After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical.

Not logical indeed, but true. The mood/feeling/emotion of satisfaction being one of the more strangely elusive conditions of the human experience. Fleeting. Wanting tells us there is more. There is better. It pushes us higher and makes us try to live better. But with no easy way to switch it off it torments us throughout our lives. Of course there are many who manage to navigate to a place where a general sense of happiness and satisfaction prevails. When you consider all of the different circumstances of those who are or aren’t happy, it becomes clear that much of it comes from within. For many of us this elusive state hides behind a dark and silent wall between who we are and all that we could be. We’re left wanting to find a way there, or wishing we could have been wired differently. The pontifications of those chirping the logical “be happy with what you have” falling on despondent ears.

It’s important to note that “be happy with…” is not the same thing as “be satisfied with.” In that distinction is a key to a modicum of happiness. While striving for better it’s possible to nestle into a place where there is some happiness found in what is, which feeds the happiness. But we know we can always be and do better, and it’s when we see evidence of this that the unrest buzzes in our minds and hearts like the pesky mosquitos passing by our ears at night, disrupting what would otherwise be a warm and satisfying campfire. Their sound, in itself, not an issue. What it represents, on the other hand, drives us to move.

If we could close ourselves off from all the stimuli it would be easier. But we can’t. And we know that isn’t a real solution anyway. We want to be like Spock. In control of it, even though that, by definition, denies us of the humanity we are. Silly humans…

A few days before his death Leonard Nimoy sent his final tweet: “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”

Time to turn over some more soil and plant.

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