When the Music Dies

Just about every important aspect of my life involves or evolved from music in some way. My relationship with it has morphed over the years. It’s been there through creative droughts as well as periods of inspired output.

It feels…dead. Synthesizers, guitars, and recording equipment sit dormant, waiting for some new inspiration. It isn’t to be. When I look at them I feel anger and frustration, because there can be no joy in it anymore. Piles of lyrics sitting around, dozens of musical ideas in various stages of completion. Opportunities. Yet the idea of returning is too difficult to push through.

When the inspiration dries up, what does one do? You keep going to work. Waiting, hoping, striving for something to change. Without some perturbation it becomes a sleepwalk. I’ve been able to see people sleepwalking through their lives. Swore I would never do that.

So now what?

There is an axe…

2 Responses to “When the Music Dies”

  1. 1 Anonymous February 17, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    NO! Don’t use the axe. But. on the other hand, I have found things in my life that I once thought were significant that no longer feel that way. I have also found that with rest, less stress, etc. that I sometimes pick up those things again and find that there is still some interest so I hesitate to simply dispose of items. I truly believe that much of mine is because my time is being demanded elsewhere. The question to me is, “What is taking the place of those interests?” and if it is mindless TV watching, etc. then perhaps it is partially a discipline issue. An interesting subject to consider.

  2. 2 Christopher Ehren February 17, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    No great art was ever borne of contentment…

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