One Step


Yesterday’s leap day presents a novel or inconvenient (depending on your point of view) way of looking at intervals of time. Anniversaries of things that happen on this day are left in a sort of quantizational limbo the other three years.

For birthdays the rest of us enjoy the novelty, although the person with that birthday can find it to be an annoyance. There are legal issues that can arise based on how different states interpret it. Mostly it’s fun. The celebration of the birthday annually falls on one of the nearby days, or maybe there is a big blowout party every four years!

For deaths, we who remain are spared a direct date for the next few years. For those who would struggle on these anniversaries, how convenient would it be for loved ones to kick off on 2/29? Perhaps one day it will be acceptable to make such arrangements. Would the people left behind appreciate being able to sort of skip that day the next year or two?

The proverbial wall we sometimes bang our heads against doesn’t care about any of it. Every day is the same. You choose to stand before the wall, try to climb, or walk around. Give up, or take a step. The wall may be so towering that it blocks the sun. Hopeless. Choose to take a step anyway, because the spirit needs to know it can. Just one step. Do something, even if it is wrong. That’s a start. Tomorrow, take another.

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