Envy & Jealousy

WV0oneeWanting what someone else has versus the fear that something of yours may be taken. These are usually two sides of the same coin.

Either way it’s useful to discern what you’re really afraid of. That’s not to say your fears are unfounded. It’s just important to understand beyond the surface emotions that can swallow us to see what they mean.

Time & Attention, money & possessions, and characteristics & situation, etc. all play a role in the life we perceive we and others have, and being the humans that we are, we can’t help but compare ourselves to others or to our ideal of what we want.

So frustrating because we have so little control over them, and yet they have a power over us. The trickiest one is time and attention. That relates to how we perceive others respond to us. Being put second, or third, or…last, can be an awfully tough pill to swallow. Considering that you probably did it to yourself doesn’t make it any easier. On the chance that there is a lesson within, it’s important not to miss it.


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