Beliefs are the views, opinions, and ideas you have a commitment to, and support. They represent you and direct your approach and outlook on life. That sounds nice, though in honest moments we know most of ours were not arrived at objectively.

So we have them. What do they do for us?

We hold beliefs as a consolation – a way to take us out of ourselves. They are a comfort, or a promised reward, like meditation or medication. Thus we will not give them up easily, even when faced with facts proving they don’t work for us.

And we go in circles. We tend to stay the same, at least until we can find how to discard the weight of what we think, feel, believe and remember.

Things to think about on your own, since I will not be here to see these through, nor do I have it figured out anyway.

  • How can you identify your beliefs?
  • Does your unique window on the world affect what you believe?
  • Do you see the ‘truth’?
  • What are beliefs providing you with?


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