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Hidden in Front of Your Face

SLSubliminalThere are hidden messages everywhere, in everything. It’s the extra stuff you don’t always perceive, but can color or change the meaning of what you do perceive in profound ways. They’re always there. Very easy to breeze through and not concern yourself with most of the time. It’s also sometimes easy to invent your own messages and takeaways, based on what you’re in.

Sometimes, once you become aware of something that wasn’t apparent, you are shocked that you didn’t perceive it before, which paints perceptions on our canvass of trust. After a time you usually realize it was right in front of your face.

In communication, body language, tone, reading between the lines of word choice, and knowing the full context are each important, if often difficult to fully attain. You must be aware and look for it, making do with what you have. Far more importantly, you must accept it for what it is, and not invent an interpretation driven by your own narrative.

Open your eyes, ears, heart…and see. Sonja, I love you.

The 2 Percent

The 80:20 rule applies to and works with almost everything. In the past I have declared that these days it’s more like 90:10. Within that there are the 2 percent…of people. The ones who get it all right. I don’t mean they do everything right, or have it all figured out. I mean the ones who dance through and maximize life.


Why not? What are we holding on to? What is there really to lose? Really? Conquer the fear. It’s a recurring theme of this blog. But it’s not about having conquered it. Those 2 percenters haven’t conquered it. It’s about conquerING it. The process. Say yes. Leap. Lean in. Break the cage. See what’s possibleFigure it out. That’s the journey toward happiness as a state of being, not just a mood.

Liking Change. Act in spite of fear. Abundance. Confidence. Basking in the discomfort. Getting the most out of life. Embracing the unknown. Going for your dreams. Outside the box. Excitement. Exploring new things. Living without limits. Giving the most to life.

Your comfort zone: Be like others. A dull life. Fear. Surviving. Insecure. Procrastination. Getting by. Play it safe. Regret.



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