Every journey has a beginning, and then some space we generally call the middle, once we know where the end is. But not every journey has an end, so the middle is hard to define. Further, when you are in the journey, you sometimes don’t know where you are, other than along a path somewhere. Somewhere in the middle of it.

The beginning may be the most important part. Getting over the inertia of standing pat to get moving is a big deal. But the middle Space – That’s where the action is. The hard work. The grind.

Somewhere around the middle you reach a point of no return. You’ve gone too far to turn back, but can’t see the end. The test to push through. Who you are comes out in that space. Courage is forged. The courage to love.

The brave are broken hearted.

3 Responses to “Middle”

  1. 1 Vivian McAdams December 5, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Spoke to me. I would observe that recognizing that you are in the “middle” but too far in to turn back also can lead to a real since of loss, of “what if” that can paralyze and depress. Recognizing and accepting that in a different time/era, the decisions that led to be in the “middle” were likely right for the time. Society changes and over a period of years/decades decisions that may or may not have been right at the time, would likely be different now. Pushing through, recognizing that the end is near and a need to not throw away much of influenced those first decisions can also be difficult. Why not throw it away? Make bold decisions? Is the will there to make massive changes? Not without a goal and that is what is harder and harder to find as the middle encompasses and the future is incredibly murky.

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