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Don’t Insult Your Best Customers

A scenario that happens too often: someone receives marketing from a company she is currently doing business with offering a better deal to new customers. Cable and phone companies are notorious for this. Rather than rewarding customers for loyalty, you communicate to them in a very direct and concrete way that you now see them as a commodity.

Not only do you have a better deal for people who haven’t been supporting you, but you don’t even think enough of your customers to take the time to pull their names and addresses out of the list for marketing the new offer.

No loyalty breeds no loyalty. You’ve put it in their face that not only do you not really value them, but also that they are trapped in the contract you probably forced them to sign to get the deal, which means they are inherently looking for a way to jump ship. And this means you always have to be in a mode of new customer acquisition. Do you really make enough– after all the promotion costs —¬†on that two year contract you force them to sign for it to all be worth it?


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